The Growing Need for Senior Living

Older adults who live alone are more likely to become socially isolated, depressed and lonely. Few decisions affect our health and happiness more than where we live, and this becomes more important as we age. The risk of chronic diseases rises along with pulmonary disease, diabetes, arthritis, and cognitive illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Senior living communities can help seniors with illnesses thrive in a safe, care-focused environment.

Social isolation increases the risk of depression, dementia and blood pressure crises such as stroke and heart disease. Loneliness can negatively affect older adults’ mental and physical health. Living in a senior living community can help eliminate and lessen many of the risks of living alone.

What Is Senior Living?

The terms retirement community and senior living community are often used hand-in-hand. Friendships are easily fostered, isolation is lessened and social events are common. This type of senior housing may offer any number of care types, including:

  • Assisted Living
  • Skilled Nursing 
  • Memory Care
  • Rehabilitation

What is the Right Place for Senior Living?

Moving to a retirement community can offer peace of mind and happiness for residents as well as their friends and family members. It can offer:

An Active Lifestyle

You may be surprised by new opportunities for enjoyment when you move into a senior living community. An array of activities including lifelong learning, entertainment, an array of hobbies, artistic pursuits, cultural events, outing and other activities are usually offered at senior living communities. 

Prepared Meals

Meals are prepared by a chef and are delicious and nutritious. The dining room setting transforms every meal into an opportunity to share with friends and neighbors.


Retirement communities are designed and built with emergency call systems, good lighting and handrails. Attentive staff members will able to identify any missed residents who don’t show up for a meal, social activity or date.

Finding the Right Senior Living Community

Our staff at Tomball Retirement Center is committed to providing quality care and ensuring residents live in dignity and comfort. As a community, we strive to be helpful, caring, and responsive to the needs of our residents. To learn more about our community, contact us for your free care consultation today!

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