Holiday Activities for Seniors

At your senior living facility, the holidays mean festive fun! Provide residents with fun holiday activities for seniors to make the most wonderful time of the year even better. The festive activities that are associated with the holiday season are a big reason why elderly folks love it! It is one of the rarest occasions of the year when loved ones come together and celebrate the season. There are plenty of secure activities for seniors to enjoy this holiday, whether they reside with some of their family or in an assisted living facility. Simply involving your elderly loved one in holiday events might make them happy and add cheer to their season.

These fun holiday-themed activities for seniors can be enjoyed by them, their loved ones, caretakers, and other residents:

Secret Santa holiday activities for seniors.

Start a secret Santa initiative to encourage seniors to make new friends. Another randomly chosen resident is handed to the residents. Then, each week, they anonymously leave one tiny present. Hold a secret Santa “reveal” party so seniors can mix and meet their new companion in late December.

Sing holiday songs together.

No Christmas is complete with out singing Christmas songs.  Singing Christmas carols is an excellent way to recall happy holiday memories from the past. After Thanksgiving, holiday classics are usually in style, so pick your favorite Christmas tunes and arrange a family singing session.

Bake cookies or other traditional holiday treat.

Baking needs focus, but it also frequently involves simple, repetitive mechanics, which makes it feel almost meditative. Many individuals remember baking favorably as a common family pastime when they were young or perhaps as something they did with their own kids. Cooking or baking together is also a terrific way to strengthen relationships. According to studies, maintaining social connections helps us as we age. When you add the enjoyment of working together to create something, baking is a surefire hit.

Putting up holiday decorations.

While your family is putting the finishing touches on the Christmas tree, invite your elderly loved one to join. Even if they are unable to move around freely, they can still take part by helping the children unwrap the ornaments. Alternatively, gather the family and deliver a tree and decorations to your loved one’s home if they live alone but are no longer able to do it.

Holiday movie night.

Holiday movies are nice during gloomy weather. One of the simplest holiday activities for seniors is to start a weekly holiday movie series. Play timeless movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and contemporary favorites like “The Polar Express.” Alternatively, let seniors choose the films they want to watch.

We at Liberty Health Care Center are dedicated to giving seniors the tools they need to live fulfilling lives. Spend some time this holiday season with the seniors in your life and show them how much you appreciate them as they continue to enrich and enrich your life every day. Remember that what makes the holidays genuinely wonderful is spending time with loved ones. Whatever tradition your family observes, keep in mind to involve your senior loved one as much as you can in the celebrations.

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