Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Both nursing homes and assisted living communities start with the same goals and to provide support and options for ideal residents. Here is what is similar in both organizations.

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes Both Strive to Provide

Safe, healthy residences with great support staff 

Help with daily tasks

Activities for socialization and continued wellness

Meals and nutritional guidance

Housekeeping and transportation

Tell Me About Assisted Living

There are multiple considerations for a senior and their family to take into account about assisted living. Sometimes it is an active senior who wants to move into a smaller home with little or no maintenance. Other seniors want to maintain an appropriate level of independence with the option of  additional care or support for daily activities easily available if they need it. Assisted living can be a condominium in a community or more communal-style with a roommate, and often makes social activities more accessible and easier to participate in.  Other reasons assisted living can be a great fit is to prevent loneliness and depression and to add support and accountability to health and safety.

Tell Me About Nursing Home Care

Nursing homes provide focused, frequent, higher level medical care to their residents. Most folks that are a good fit for a nursing home need intensive care for a chronic illness or injury. They tend to need continuous care throughout the day and night. This can be short-term care in the case of an injury or long-term care for an illness. The look and feel of a nursing home differs from assisted living communities in that it can feel more like a hospital or place to receive specific treatment. 

Side by Side Differences Between the Two

Assisted Living Nursing Home
Medication  Management available Administered by staff
Medical Care Some services are available, but not always on site Access to medical and rehabilitative care
Privacy High level available and ability to choose socialization For patient safety, more like a hospital setting
Meals Ability to cook  Meals are provided
Pets Often allowed  Not allowed


Simplistically, the biggest differences lay in the level of care and assistance provided or that is  available to the patient.

Our admissions team at Tomball Retirement Center is here for you! Reach out to us to let us help with making a decision about care for your loved one. Even if we are not the right fit, we are happy to share more options and other resources. 

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