Seniors and Community Engagement

Residents of Tomball Retirement Center have been getting involved in the Tomball community by attending activities at Tomball Community Center!

For the retirement center’s independent residents, Tomball Community Center’s monthly events give them a chance to leave the facility and engage with other seniors at the community center. Residents love these field trips and the opportunity to meet new friends and gain new skills. These residents return to share their experiences with those unable to attend. Community engagement benefits all residents, whether they are able to attend the classes or not. Everyone gets to learn something new and share experiences!

The Benefits of Community Engagement

Though not typically thought of as an important activity for seniors, community engagement has many proven benefits to mental and physical health. Evidence indicates that people who are engaged in their communities:

1. Are less likely to have high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease.

2. Have a lower risk of cognitive impairment.

3. Might even live longer!

Why Seniors Should Build Social Capital

The term “social capital” is often used by scientists to describe our social relationships and the extent to which we feel supported by our communities on a physical and emotional level.

Social capital – the social participation, connections, and trust it builds – has many health benefits that may be especially important for seniors. A decline in health and social capital that often occurs with age can directly and negatively impact one’s mental and physical health.

The solution: getting seniors engaged in their community’s activities and social events! Senior activities at Tomball Community Center such as Sit-N-Fit, Walk-N-Place, and Chair Volleyball have gotten residents to be more physically, mentally, and socially active on a regular basis.

Special events have helped Tomball Retirement Center residents continue to build their social capital! The retirement center’s Community Relations Director, Allie Camp, got to co-host a talent show this month at the community center. Residents practiced dances weekly to perform in the talent show. It was a fulfilling experience, as they spent time honing their dance skills and got to show them off to the community.

Future Engagement with Tomball Community Center

Tomball Community Center is a great addition to the Tomball senior community. It is the retirement center’s goal to continue having residents interact with the community center because of the many mental, physical, and social benefits it gives to seniors. They hope to increase the number of opportunities for their independent residents to take classes, attend events, and participate in activities. Having residents volunteer at events or having the Tomball Community Center come to them for classes and activities is currently in discussion.

If you are looking for an independent senior living community that keeps your loved one engaged with their community, Tomball Retirement Center could be the right fit! If you have any questions, call today at 281-357-4843.

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